Individual Academic and Career Plans

Individual Academic and Career Plans (ICAPs), formerly PEPs, are a part of The Denver Plan. ICAPs meet state legislation requirements and are a graduation requirement for students graduating in 2011 and beyond. Starting in sixth grade and continuing throughout high school, students create and update an ongoing plan which includes counselor-led activities on career interests, goal setting, college opportunities, financial aid, and noncognitive skills which increase academic success. The district-wide tools for this process include College in Colorado, Naviance, and counselor-led lessons.

At EGHS we use Counselor-led lessons in conjunction with Naviance to help you complete your ICAP. Naviance is used as the post-secondary planning resource for Individual Career and Academic Plans for 9th through 12th grade. Naviance is used by counselors, administrators, and school staff, while Family Connection is for students and parents. If your school subscribes to Family Connection, please contact your counselor for your school’s Family Connection web address. For security reasons, Naviance cannot provide technical support to students or parents. Your counselor can verify the features you are authorized to access and can assist you with establishing a new account or resetting your password.

Please see the counseling calendar to find out when we will be having counselor-lead lessons.