Graduation Requirements

Emily Griffith High School DIPLOMA Graduation Requirements

Academic Information

  • 40 Credits Lang. Arts
  • 40 Credits Math
  • 30 Credits Social Studies
  • 30 Credits Science
  • 60 Credits Electives
  • 10 Credits CTE / Art Electives
  • 210 Credits – Total

As determined by Colorado State Law, all students will be required to complete components of their individual career and academic plan (ICAP).

Electives Elective credit can be earned by completing designated Emily Griffith Technical College Career and Technical Education courses.

Residency Requirements A transfer student from outside the DPS system must earn a minimum of 25 credit hours from Emily Griffith High School.

Total Credit Hours 210 credit hours shall be required for a student to graduate from the Emily Griffith High School and receive a Denver Public Schools High School diploma. Students may not participate in the Emily Griffith graduation ceremony without completing all 210 credit hours.

Emily Griffith High School GED Graduation Requirements

Academic Information

  • 145 or higher on official GED Reasoning Through Language Arts test
  • 145 or higher on official GED Math test
  • 145 or higher on official GED Social Studies test
  • 145 or higher on official GED Science test

Students will complete a Future Choices course resulting in a GED to career pathway, as well as a resume and soft skills.