Emily Griffith High School provides pathways for students who choose to pursue their high school diploma or GED and post-secondary goals. An authentic curriculum, flexible scheduling, small class sizes, and robust social/emotional support serve as a springboard for students to demonstrate competency in courses while having the opportunity to simultaneously engage in college, career, and technical education programs.

Emily Griffith High School (EGHS) is an alternative school focused on retrieving students, 17 to 20, who left high school before earning a diploma. EGHS offers courses toward a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate. The core classes meet Colorado State Standards. The Denver Public Schools certifies the diplomas and the Colorado Department of Education accredits the school.


  • Since 1916, Emily Griffith Technical College has offered academic classes for adults.
  • 1985 – Under a written agreement, the Colorado Department of Education established a pilot dropout retrieval high school at Emily Griffith Opportunity School. Eleven high school students earned a diploma. Four students received a GED.
  • 1986 – The Educational Quality Act of 1985 officially designated the high school as a Second Chance program and the high school received its own funding.
  • 2000 – Second Chance High School was renamed Emily Griffith High School.
  • 2014 – Emily Griffith High School moved to 1860 Lincoln Street.
  • 2014 – Emily Griffith High School began the GED Plus Program.
  • 2015 – Second GED location opened at the new Emily Griffith Technical College at 1205 Osage Street.

Urban Campus

After nearly 30 years of educating young men and women to receive their high school diploma or their General Educational Development (GED) certificate, Emily Griffith High School has moved into two new locations. Students are now in a more modern learning facilities at 1860 Lincoln Street in downtown Denver, as well as 1205 Osage Street in the Lincoln Park/Auraria neighborhood.  Both sites are within blocks of public transportation.

The new building will allow the high school to enhance new technology with more natural light and efficiently regulated temperatures will provide improved learning environments. Some programs will enjoy significant make-overs with state-of-the art equipment. Check back for updates.

Our Staff

The entire staff at EGHS strives to provide a competency based education with a transitional environment where personal attention and prescriptive programs extend opportunities for success.

For all phone numbers, dial 720-423 followed by the extension.

Last Name  First Name Subject Room Phone
Registration 327 720-423-4901
Alarcon Iris Office Support III 327 720-423-4903
Amador Mercedes Office Manager 311 720-423-4909
Amsberry Katie Counseling 325B 720-423-4942
Belisle Brittany Yoga 323 720-423-4927
Bonner Jonn Math 329B 720-423-4931
Braun Kathleen Math 303 720-423-4916
Chandler Sia GED Coordinator 307 720-423-4902
Choi Kathy Office Support II 327 720-423-4904
Cohen David GED at Osage 720-423-4981
Daves David Principal 314 720-423-4911
Everett John Math 329B 720-423-4931
Faulkner Cynthia GED Para 320 720-423-4925
Fax– General 327 720-423-4998
Fax–Admin 313 720-423-4999
Garcia David Social Worker 325C 720-423-4943
Golembeski Betty Testing 309 720-423-4921
Gonzalez Amy GED Counselor 325E 720-423-4945
Harrold Theresa Spec. ED 329B 720-423-4948
Hendricks Rebecka Math 304 720-423-4917
Hitchcock-Villarroel Katie Lang Arts 328 720-423-4930
Holt Kelly GED English 320 720-423-4925
Hoskins Katie English 326 720-423-4929
Joucovsky Pablo Dean of Culture 315 720-423-4924
Kearns Ian GED Math 321 720-423-4926
Kelly Michelle SPED 329B 720-423-4949
Lamitie Carrie Social Studies 324 720-423-4928
MacDonald Stacy Counselor 325A 720-423-4941
Madison Robert Social Studies 331 720-423-4932
Mann Marie  Testing/Library 309 720-423-4943
Mascarenas Joe Technology 337 WED/FRI
McGregory Isaiah GED 323 720-423-4927
Medina Raymond Security Officer 307B 720-423-4940
Montoya Angel OGC Implementation Lead 317 720-423-4944
Mosher-Mascarenas Carla Wednesday/Friday Email
Neuroth Michelle Spec. ED 329B 720-423-4947
Pallett Jennie Media Center 306 720-423-4918
Riffee Matthew Science 332 720-423-4933
Security If Raymond not available Lobby 720-423-3344
Sposato Rebecca “School Nurse at EGHS on Monday only” 317 303-359-2975
Barlock  Mark Lang Arts 334 720-423-4934
Todd Haley Assistant Principal 316 720-423-4912
Vesceri Charles Math 340 720-423-4939
Waiting/Visitors 311 720-423-4922
Walsh Carrie Science 335 720-423-4935
Walsh Kathy GED at Osage 720-423-4981
Weisberger Katie Art 336 720-423-4936
Weiss Steve Math 302 720-423-4915
Wilson Liora Counselor 325F 720-423-4946